Generally we recommend the purchase of own analyzers to all persons, who are interested in the subject. Customers with installed room shielding should verify the existing pollution in regular intervals anyway! New installed mobile phone base stations or new equipment in your house could belatedly change the load situation.

We have a good overview of all analyzers on the market and keep all relevant devices available, for tests at our site. Tests show, how unbelievable strong the results of the analyzers differ, regarding test reading, accuracy, quality and handling. If one for example tries to measure a cordless phone under defined terms, one will obtain measurements between 0.0 µW/m² and 3000 µW/m². The accurate value, as meassured with a spectrum analyzer, is 100 µW/m².

Devices from Gigahertz Solutions show the most accurate results when averaged by several sources. This is why we favour to sell those devices. Beyond that, there are particular devices of other producers with special features: Either they are very small and used e.g. for travelling, very low priced referring to a frequenccy of 8 GHz or they join EMF and RF measuring functions.