Shielding of electromagnetic & magnetic fields

By using our products, you can professionally and successfully shield electromagnetic fields (electrosmog). Application areas are single walls, complete rooms and buildings, as well as industrial applications. We supply all our products with screening attenuation reports up to 40 GHz. End customers, industrial customers and retailers in more than 150 countries rely on our products.

Carbon coatings

Electrically conductive, based on graphite. Easy to use, just like normal wall paint. In- house development and production since 2003.

Nettings & Fleeces

Meshes, fleeces, stainless steel meshes for wall/ceiling/floor areas, facades, and diverse technical applications.

Magnetic field shielding

Two newly developed series for home, business, industry, electric car, motorhome. Laminated or self-adhesive.


Shielding fabrics of YSHIELD and SwissShield can be used in very versatile ways.


Fast and uncomplicated shielding for your sleeping area with a canopy.


Tents are the perfect solution for travelling or at also home.

Grounding supplies

Professional sets to integrate our products to the equipotential bonding (FEB). In-house development and production.


We offer affordable, as well as professional measuring devices.

5G Shielding

Our products shield all frequency bands – completely without special 5G advertising. You can find two grey 5G bars in our shielding chart.

ews archive

06.06.2024 | New shielding paint: Our SAFEBUILD® L40 shielding paint is equally suitable for room and building shielding and technical applications. As a result of years of development, the surface no longer stains.

04.06.2024 | New shielding wallpaper: Our SAFEBUILD® K150 is highly breathable and shields a great 100 dB. Produced in-house on our new laminating line.

29.05.2024 | New shielding fleece: Our SAFEBUILD® A190 is highly breathable and shields an incredible 112 dB. Produced in-house on our new laminating line. One of the best products we have ever had.

29.04.2024 | New underlay membrane: Our SAFEBUILD® U230 is highly breathable and shields an incredible 111 dB. Produced in-house.

10.04.2024 | New shielding fabric for fire protection: Swiss-Shield® NATURELL_ARBOR FR is the world's first shielding fabric to EN 13773 with fire protection class 5.3.

06.03.2024 | Price increase: Unfortunately, Swiss-Shield® has increased its prices again, which we can no longer absorb. All Swiss-Shield® fabrics and canopies have new prices!

05.03.2024 | Product discontinuation: Our LF shielding paint NSF34 is no longer available. Replacement for pure LF shielding is HSF54 with a very thin coating.

22.02.2024 | New magnetic shielding: After a challenging year, our two magnetic shielding series are ready. M6L are laminated sheets. M6 is a flexible panel with an alu surface and a self-adhesive layer on the back. Shielding up to 32 dB

28.09.2023 | New shielding fabric: WHITE-JERSEY is a high quality cotton jersey for sewing clothes. Made in Germany with 40 dB.