Shielding of electromagnetic fields (elektrosmog)

By using our products, you can professionally and successfully shield electromagnetic fields (electrosmog). Application areas are single walls, complete rooms and buildings, as well as industrial applications. We supply all our products with screening attenuation reports up to 40 GHz. End customers, industrial customers and retailers in more than 150 countries rely on our products.

Carbon coatings

Electrically conductive base coatings with graphite, that are easy to apply like normal wall paints. This product series has been successfully developed and produced on our premises since 2003.

Shielding fabrics & Textiles

Shielding fabrics can be used extremely versatile. In our in-house sewing room we produce textile products like curtains sewn to size, clothing or shielding canopies.

Shielding meshes & fleeces

Meshes, fleeces, stainless steel meshes on wall-, ceiling- and floor-areas as well as for technical applications. Further we offer window films and films againts alternating magnetic fields.

Grounding accessories

Many shielding products have to be grounded, means integrated in the functional equipotential bonding (FEB). For this we produce professional grounding components in-house.


With professional measuring instruments from Gigahertz-Solutions and SAFELIVING you measure reliable. Further we offer economical detectors from Tenmars and EPE-Conseil.

5G Shielding

Some companies offer "special" 5G-products. Our products shield all 5G-frequencies, even without advertising this. Find two gray bars in all shielding diagrams with the 5G frequency bands.


Order development

We have been developing carbon coatings since 2003. After ten thousand of samples we gained a lot of know-how. We for sure already have your favored paint formula in our portfolio.

Job order production

In case the formula is suitable, we can immediately start with the production in our ultramodern production facility. Therefor we can rely on our big raw material stock.

Reports shielding attenuation

We have vector network analyzers up to 40 GHz with setups to ASTM D4935-10 and IEEE Std 299-2006 inhouse. With that we create measuring curves and expert reports at low costs. 


13.01.2022 | Shielding wallpaper: Our new coating plant is put into operation, we can therefore metallize any sheet materials. The metal is sprayed onto the sheets with green energy only, completely without chemicals. Our first products are our shielding wallpapers of the ECO-series with 60, 80 und 100 dB.

16.12.2021 | Price increase ARM40: Due to the raw material shortage the price for ARM40 slightly increased, dealers please adjust your prices!

22.09.2021 | Canopies from Silver-Cotton: We present the new low priced canopies BCP, BCE, BCD, made from cotton, electrically conductive, groundable with 42 dB.

12.08.2021 | New TÜV-SÜD-certifications: From now on ALL shielding coatings have a TÜV-SÜD-certification, new are MAX54, DRY54 and GK5.

12.07.2021 | New meter: The CEMPROTEC 31 is the successor of the ESI21 for HF fields with an enhanced frequency range.

22.06.2021 | New shielding fabric: Our new conductive / groundable shielding fabric SILVER-COTTON is made from cotton and shields 42 dB to a sensational low price.

28.04.2021 | New shielding paint: DRY54 is delivered as a powder. Selectively you can choose between easy stirring or high attenuation up to 84 dB. Low shipping weight, many years shelf life.

22.04.2021 | New meter: The CEMPROTEC 34 is the successor of the ESI24 for HF and LF fields.

22.04.2021 | New shielding tents: We present our new SAVECAVE tents as an alternative to canopies. Easy to assemble with 42 dB attenuation.

01.04.2021 | New shielding fabric: We present the new MAX-WEAR. Perfect for all articles of clothing this cotton fabric has 41 dB attenuation.

01.03.2021 | New canopy series: We present our new SAVECAVE canopies. Known dimensions with 44 dB attenuation, but for unbeatable prices!

15.02.2021 | Our new grounding is available. Important for retailer: Update your products and take the new prices!

12.11.2020 | New universal usable reinforcement fabric ARM40. 25 dB attenuation. Special price above 50 m.

26.10.2020 | Price increase. The new price of SILVER-SILK is EUR 79.90.