YSHIELD® Shielding of electromagnetic fields

By using our products, you can professionally and successfully shield electromagnetic fields (electrosmog). Application areas are mainly appliances, machines, separate walls, complete rooms and buildings, as well as complex industrial and military appliances. We supply all our products with screening attenuation reports up to 40 GHz. Clients in more than 150 countries rely on our products.

Shielding paints

Shielding paints are electrically conductive base coats for large-scale shieldings against electromagnetic fields. This product series has been successfully further developed and produced on our premises since 2003.

Shielding products

Our range of products comprises a huge assortment for shielding products, grounding accessories and measuring devices, which we supply to our worldwide dealer network as well as to companies and end customers directly.

Order development

We have been developing coatings on carbon base since 2003 and have gained a lot of know-how. We either already have your favoured formula in our portfolio or we’ll develop it for you.

Job order production

If the formula fits, we can directly produce in our ultra-modern production facility with our huge raw materials inventory.

Reports shielding attenuation

We have Vector Network Analysers up to 40 GHz and measurement-set ups according to standards ASTM D4935-10 and IEEE Std 299-2006 on site. We’ll be happy to support you with orienting measurements regarding shielding attenuation and issue a screening attenuation report.


23.03.2020 | Regular business and daily delivery despite Corona. We have taken extensive internal precautions and our suppliers have no problems so far. We can process, produce and deliver (DHL, UPS, Dachser) all your orders on a daily basis as before with our regularly huge stock. You have to accept a longer delivery time of approx. 6-8 weeks for SEWN PRODUCTS (clothing, canopies) only, due to the unusual high quantity of orders. So please order in time as we work according to the ‘first in – first out’ principle – the sooner you order, the sooner you’ll get your products.

03.01.2020 | New shielding paints. End customers can find our updated range of shielding paints ‘2020’ here on our website. It’s important for all our dealers to know, that we have newly developed and improved ALL shielding paints from scratch in the course of the TÜV certification and changed compulsory regulations concerning preservative agents. We kindly ask you to take all new technical details and indications into consideration! In short: HSF54: Finer pigmentation, better flow, stronger surface, shielding attenuation with one layer is now 39 dB. PRO54: Finer pigmentation, better flow, shielding attenuation with one layer is now 32 dB. HSF64: Despite a small acrylics percentage, this paint does no longer contain preservative agents! Shielding attenuation with one layer is now 32 dB. HSF74: No longer available, HSF64 is its replacement. TEC54: New! Extremely fine pigmentation for technical applications. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

20.12.2019 | TÜV-SÜD certification. We have been working on the TÜV-SÜD certification of our paints PRO54, HSF54, HSF64, NSF34 and our heating paints IR-5, IR-10 for nearly a year. The certification is now completed, the corresponding certificates and a description of the certification can be found on the product sites.

13.12.2019 | Welcome to our new online shop. ● Due to a constant increase in orders during the last 16 years, it was time for us to convert to a new fully integrated ERP-software ● We are looking forward to receiving your feedback should you have any issues with your ordering process. ● Due to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) we were not able to transfer our end customer’s access data to our new shop. We kindly ask you to register yourself in our new shop. ● Our dealer’s access data has been transferred. We’ll be happy to send you your new password on request. We have a little goody for our dealers who order online in the future – ask us!

YTHERM® Heating

Heating paint system

The YTHERM® heating paint system is an invisible infrared heating system, based on an extremely thin heating paint. With 48 VDC, electrosmog is no longer an issue. Developed and produced on our premises.


06.03.2020 | New connection plate.
Our new connection plate AP50 for current tapes is now smaller and is delivered with a protection case. AP70 and AP80 are discontinued.

09.12.2019 | New input module.
The modules of series E30Ex are now available with 1-3 switchable outputs and new 120 A high power relays.

30.09.2019 | New output modules.
We have developed two new output modules for our YTHERM heating system: R10F1(1000 W) and R15F1(1500 W). Both are only 1 WU width and have a very silent fan with only 17 dB.