FAQ | Silver fabrics


Fabrics with silver threads will discolor over time! Sometimes the fabrics are yet discolored, when we get it from the manufacturer. This process is absolutely normal for silver fabrics. The reasons for this are direct sunlight, heat from the radiator, splashes from the cleaning water, sweat, etc. Stained places have no negative effects on the screening attenuation at all and they are no quality defect! If you cannot accept any discolorations you should have a look at our table-overview, where you will find various fabrics which are not subject to discolorations. The following are (admittedly extreme) examples of such discolorations:


Fabrics which consist of nonprotected silver threads (Silver-Tulle, Silver-Light, Silver-Twin, Silver-Elastic, Silver-Cloth) show a limited stability. The life period of those fabrics is depending on the frequency of movement. Examples: 1) Washing: A regularly wash, at low temperature ( 30°C) and gentle cycle, using our washing detergent TEXCARE is without any problems for the fabrics. Please consider our washing test. 2) Curtains: Curtains made of silver fabrics will last for many years, as long as they are not drawned many times a day. 3) Canopies: Canopies will stay stable if they are not completely wrapped away daily, e.g. for fluffing up the feather beds. Used on daily journeys and being wrapped in a suitcase every day, your canopy will stay stable only for a few months. Alternative: Choose a canopy made of the fabric Voile, those canopies will stay stable at longest, as the silver threads are isolated and swathed. Use our blanket or a sleeping bag made of the fabric Steel-Gray for travelling. 4) Clothing: If you wear our hoodies/underpants made of Silver-Elastic once a week in case of emergency, they will stay stable for many years. If the hoodies/underpants are used as pajamas it is very likely, that caused through the sweat , the fabric is spoilt within a few months. Alternative: For permanent use we recommend a blanket or underwear made of the fabric Steel-Gray. Due to its stainless steel threads this fabric will last for a long time.


More and more textiles for neurodermatitis, sports textiles, etc. contain nanosilver. Due to their size, these tiny silver nano particles can penetrate through the skin into each cell. The Federal Environment Agency warns about major knowledge gaps. Thick layers of „metallic silver“ on the other hand is safe for the environment and human health. All our silver yarns and silvered textiles are coated with 99% „metallic silver“. Even if particles should come off one day due to heavy use (e.g. clothing, bedding) they are far too big to penetrate through the skin!