Gigahertz-Solutions MK30 | Measuring kit

Standard devices. Link between standard and prof. devices. Set of two devices for EMF and RF. • Low frequency (EMF): 5 Hz - 100 kHz • High frequency (RF): 800 MHz - 3.3 GHz

Content: 1 piece
1600 g
GTIN13: 4039009930076
TARIC: 90303900

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PDF: Manual HF38B     PDF: Manual ME3840B

The both devices contained in this measuring kit are a perfect combination of the easily operated devices for technical amateurs with the additional analytical possibilities offered by the devices for professional evaluations. This is the top-selling kit for doctors and healers looking for a competent overview over the total emf-pollution either for themselves or for their patients, but who neither have the daily practice nor the time to get acquainted in the necessary manner with the technology of a professional measurement device.

The HF38B, for instance, already features the frequency range, the peak-hold function and the antenna of the professional series. And the ME3840B is already equipped with the switchable frequency filter for a clear differentiation of traction supply and mains supply as well as the corresponding artificial harmonics. The devices come well protected in a plastic case with shaped foam filler for a safe transportation.