Safe & Sound PRO 2 | Meter | YSHIELD® Edition

Best price/value! Frequency response 200 MHz - 8 GHz, measuring range 0.001 µW/m² - 2,500,000 µW/m². OLED-display, max-hold function, ...

Content: 1 piece
400 g
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PDF: Product manual

WEEE Reg.-Nr. DE28011411

YSHIELD® Edition: We are expanding the scope of delivery of the manufacturer: We enclose a set of brochures of “Diagnose Funk” with information about electrosmog and 5G in GERMAN language. We also add a piece of shielding fabric to simulate high frequency shielding. You can use it to check the effect of shielding on the measurement values.

Actually our favorite meter to an incredible price with an ultrawide frequency range of 200 MHz - 8 GHz at a sensational measuring range of 0.001 µW/m² - 2,500,000 µW/m² - completely without attenuators or switching something.

  • Premium OLED Display for a real time display that is easy to read in any type of light, even in dark rooms.
  • Different displays: 1) OLED with measuring values, 2) bar diagram, 3) Four LED´s for a fast overview.
  • High quality sound signature analysis to assist with source identification; 3 selectable volume levels + Sound On/Off.
  • Max Hold function with option to clear at anytimeBar graph of RF intensity
  • Each meter is individually calibrated and QC inspected. Power Response linearization completed in a 3rd party certified RF testing lab.
  • Very high sensitivity of 0.001 µW/m².

Functional update April 2022

Additional Meter Option: ‘PEAK’ and ‘MAX’ readings can now be displayed in V/m or  µW/m². Note: ‚AVG‘ will always display in µW/m². Configurations: With meter OFF, press and hold ‘MAX RESET’ button while powering meter ON. The new default unit of measure will be displayed. Power meter OFF and ON to begin measurement. Toggle units: With meter ON, press and hold ‚MAX RESET‘ button until units change – approx. 5 seconds.

Technical data

  • Frequency range200 MHz - 8 GHz (400 MHz - 7,2 GHz at +/- 6 dB accuracy)
  • Measuring range0.001 µW/m² - 2,500,000 µW/m²
  • USB Micro Power Jack for continuous monitoring (actual no software available)
  • Headphone jack: 3.5mm
  • Battery operation: 2 x AA batteries - due to the new BattG (battery law) unfortunately no batteries in the scope of supply
  • Battery life: 12-15 hours
  • Size including carrying case: 17 cm x 11 cm x 4 cm
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Scope of delivery: Meter, zippered carrying case, users guide

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