Gigahertz-Solutions MK20 | Measuring kit

Standard devices. According to the building biology standard. Set of two devices for EMF and RF. • Low frequency (EMF): 16 Hz - 100 kHz • High frequency (RF): 800 MHz - 2.7 GHz

Content: 1 piece
1250 g
GTIN13: 4039009930014
TARIC: 90303900

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PDF: Manual HF35C     PDF: Manual ME3830B

Contains the instruments ME3830B and HF35C in a rugged plastic case and allows an easy evaluation of the personal exposure to HF- and LF-electrosmog according to the guidelines and recommended safe values of the "Standard of Building Biology Measuring Techniques" (© Maes, IBN). With the very useful feature of an acoustic analysis for a reliable identification of various HF-sources.