Quality due to many years of experience

We have been developing paints based on carbon to shield electromagnetic fields since 2003. Since then, we have mixed tens of thousands of paint samples and invested several million euros in development. Not only end customers or building biologists have successfully shielded countless projects with thousands of tons of our HSF54. A lot of large fashion labels worldwide rely on our products for RFID shielding in all their stores, such as Adidas, Desigual, Esprit, Levis, Zara. Data centres worldwide are shielded with our HSF54, e.g. Apple, Amazon, AT&T. Military-related clients shield small facilities as well as intricate buildings with our HSF54. This alone already proves the high quality of our products.

Test of the attenuation of shielding paints from 1-40 GHz

The guide presents the RF attenuation behavior of 19 shielding paints or paint additives in the frequency range from 1 to 40 GHz, including measurements for one-coat and two coat applications. In addition, the following points are also examined: 

- Indication of batch number and best-before date on container
- Information on VOC content (volatile organic compounds)
- Testing of adhesive tensile strength
- Influence of decorative coatings applied to shielding paints on RF attenuation behavior
- Information on proper grounding and grounding accessories
- Information on possible spread of ELF electric fields
- Cost comparison.

Publisher of the brochure is the VDB (German organisation of building biologists). Author is Dr. Dietrich Moldan. You can download the complete brochure here:
https://www.drmoldan.de/produkte/hochfrequenzabschirmung/ (unter Point 3.2.)

Reproduction in part of page 16 with kind permission of the author.
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