Many shielding products must be grounded. Our grounding accessories are the base for all grounding measures. Many rules and regulations have to be obeyed, please find references for many European countries in our technical data sheet. Starting on 22.02.2021 we present our new grounding components, the most important changes:

  • Cable connection: The cable lug is established for fixed electric installations. It replaces the 4mm gold plugs. All Torx-bits and a screw aid are supplied.
  • Plastic parts: With industry-3D-printers (selective laser sintering) instead of milling we reduced our plastic waste from 90 % to 0 %.
  • Metal parts: All punched parts get surface treated by a slide grinding machine, have a dull finish and no sharp edges.
  • Very flat: GS1, GS2, GS3 are fully installed with expensive super countersunk bolts only 4 mm high, 6 mm including the cover.