YSHIELD® Powder detergent TEXCARE for shielding fabrics | 1 kg

Special powder washing detergent for the care of our shielding textiles with silver- and steel threads.

Content: 1 piece
1100 g
GTIN13: 4260103660044
TARIC: 34025090

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Special washing detergents for the care of our shielding textiles with silver- and stainless steel threads. The special recipes developed by us, preserves the shielding fabrics amd achieves the shielding attenuation on washing. Perfect cleannes and hygiene yet at 30°C. The only authorized washing detergents we can recommend for all our shielding fabrics. Play it safe and use it!


As we made extensive washing tests with many different laundry detergens, we found out that some laundry detergents are bad for the shielding attenuation. In addition we got many customers feedback, that e.g. soap nuts would cause smell with silver fabrics. For this reasons we have developed laundry detergents together with a manufacturer of eco-detergents, that will not react with our shielding fabrics anymore.

For allergy sufferers

TEXCARE detergents not only protect our shielding textiles and the environment: They contain no fragrances, colouring agents, complexing agents, preservatives, enzymes, genetic engineering, petrochemicals, all ingredients are 100 % biodegradable.

Yield / Dosage / Application

1 kg yield for 20 loads. The dosage is independent of the water hardness. Pour 50 g TEXCARE per wash in the detergent drawer or put it straight in the drum. Select delecates program with washing at 30°C. Please take a note on the care label of the fabric also, respective to ironing and drying! Tip: If you wish some „fresh“ smell, just add some drops of an essential oil.


Zeolite 15–30 %, Soap from vegetable oils 15–30 %, Citrate 15–30 %, Sugar surfactants 5–15 %, Sodium carbonate 5–15 %, Silicates 1–5 %, Sodium bicarbonate 1–5 %, Organic Quillaja <1 %, Powder humidity 10–15 %. 

Ingredients INCI: Zeolite, sodium soap, sodium citrate, coco glucoside, sodium carbonate, sodium silicate, sodium bicarbonate, Quillaja saponaria. Further information about INCI-names ...

BfR product number: 12167895

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