YSHIELD® BU3 | Canopy base | Double bed | HNG80

88 dB attenuation at 1 GHz. Width 260 cm, depth 260 cm. Including grounding components.

Content: 1 piece
850 g
ID: 474 / 1453

Packaging: 960x100x100 mm
GTIN13: 4260103665377
TARIFF: 52083100

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To achieve a full Faraday cage with a canopy, it is also necessary to shield from below. This canopy base has a very high shielding attenuation, lies very flat and is delivered including the entire necessary grounding material. Scope of delivery includes, among other things, grounding plug GP1 for schuko sockets E/F and the canopy connector GCMV for canopies (you can choose if you want to connect the canopy with a velcro or magnet).

This canopy base consists of three panels that are placed with an overlapping of 5 cm, made of the material HNG80 with 80 dB shielding attenuation. Small metal plates are pre-assembled at one end of each panel – grounding will be screwed onto them. If you choose this canopy base, we highly recommend covering it completely with a fabric or carpet. This cover will also hide the 4 mm high electrical connectors and cables behind the bed.

Technical data

  • Attenuation: 88 dB
  • Size: Width 260 cm, length 260 cm, sheet thickness 0.1 mm
  • Materials: Polyester, copper, nickel, aluminium
  • Scope of supply: 3 panels HNG80 to each 260 cm, 1 Grounding plug GP1 (Schuko E/F), 1 Grounding connector magnet/hookloop GCMV, 3 cables GL85 (85 cm), 1 cable GL500 (500 cm), all necessary screws, discs, dowels, cable lugs and a screwing tool with Torx®-Bits. No room decoration in the scope of delivery.

Attenuation | Grounding

  • This product shields high frequency electromagnetic fields (HF). The indicated dB-values apply to 1 GHz, view chart for other frequencies. Laboratory report ranging from 40/600 MHz to 40 GHz according to standards ASTM D4935-10 or IEEE Std 299-2006, view report above.
  • This product with an electrically conductive surface shields low-frequency alternating electric fields (LF). For this purpose a grounding is necessary, i.e. an integration into the functional-equipotential bonding (FEB), please find suitable grounding plug for your country under "Grounding" (plug for other country must be ordered separately).

Care instructions

  • HNG80 can neither be washed nor cleaned

Installation instructions

  • Lay the two or three panels (1) out with an overlapping of approx. 5 cm - connecting plates all need to be laid on the same side with the stepped side facing upwards.
  • Connect the two or three panels (1) with the 85 cm long cables GL85 (4). Use the black tensions discs when screwing the cable lugs tight.
  • Connect the canopy connector (3) with the 85 cm long cable GL85 (4). Use the black tensions discs when screwing the cable lugs tight.
  • Connect the grounding plug (2) with the 5 m long cable GL500 (5). Use the black tensions discs when screwing the cable lugs tight.
  • Connect the canopy connector (3) with the canopy, either with the magnetic plate or velcro.
  • The electrician must install the grounding plug (2) tightly in the socket outlet.

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