YSHIELD® PSA | Pressure sensitive adhesive | 1 liter

Adhesive for our shielding products. Aqueous, low-emission, diffusible. Creates permanently self-adhesive layers.

Content: 1 liter
1250 g
GTIN13: 4260103662925
TARIC: 32091000

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This product with 26 N/inch sticks very strongly wet and dry and is intended exclusively for professional use.

No pictograms, no hazard warnings, no safety instructions required.

YSHIELD® PSA is an aqueous, low-emission, acrylate-based adhesive for the production of permanently self-adhesive layers. With an sd-value of 0.02 m, it is highly permeable to water vapor for diffusion-open bonding on walls, ceilings and floors. Suitable for our SAFEBUILD® products U230, A190, K150, our magnetic shielding plates M6L and many other products.

Application with paint roller

YSHIELD® PSA can be applied like a wall paint with a paint roller. The thicker the layer, the stronger the adhesive strength. With wet bonding, work quickly and on small areas, then corrections can still be made. With dry bonding, you have an immediate, very strong adhesion that can no longer be removed. It is best to work with a squeegee (e.g. our FVR10), which allows materials to be applied evenly and smoothly to the wet or dry adhesive layer.

Our SAFEBUILD® products with an aluminum layer are difficult to bond on the aluminum side, typical wallpaper pastes do not adhere here. YSHIELD® PSA has no problems here due to the combination of tack and permanent tack. Due to the high tack (initial tack), the materials adhere very well even when the adhesive is still wet. If edges or corners become detached during drying, they can simply be pressed back on with the squeegee due to the permanent tack.

Never wash out the paint roller, wrap airtight in plastic film for storage, allow to dry and dispose of at the end of the job.

Technical data

  • Coverage: 5 sqm/l for single-layer application
  • sd value: 0.02 m (highly permeable to water vapor)
  • Viscosity: 3500 mPas
  • pH value: 4
  • Solids: 65 %
  • Minimum film forming temperature: 0 °C
  • Freeze resistance: Protect from frost
  • Color: Wet white; Dry yellowish transparent


Acrylics dispersion, additives, preservative agent. Contains BIT (1,2-Benzisothiazolin-3-on) and INN (Zink-Pyrithion) for preservation.


Store in a cool, frost-free place out of the reach of children.


Only dispose of empty containers for recycling. Dispose of dried material residues as household waste. Never allow the liquid or dry product to enter the sewage system, otherwise the pipes will clog immediately.

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