YSHIELD® SAFEBUILD® L40 | Our universal shielding paint | 1 liter

Universal shielding paint for room and building shielding and for technical applications. No more staining! Up to 90 dB at 40 GHz. TÜV-SÜD certification in progress!

Content: 1 liter
1500 g
GTIN13: 4260103662161
TARIC: 32091000

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PDF: Expert report attenuation 4 sqm/l
PDF: Certificate TÜV-SÜD

PDF: Technical data sheet

Please print out for the construction site, as no longer available on the container!

After years of research, we have developed a revolutionary new formula that prevents graphite from smearing or staining: Our SAFEBUILD® L40 shielding paint is equally suitable for room and building shielding and for technical applications. SAFEBUILD® L40 is finely pigmented and forms a hard, abrasion-resistant film that does not graphitize or smear. Universal adhesion on almost all substrates. Up to 90 dB at 40 GHz. TÜV-SÜD certification in progress!

Our SAFEBUILD® L40 shielding paint in detail

  • 40 dB shielding attenuation at 1 GHz processed in two layers is absolutely sufficient for most applications.
  • No graphitization, no smearing and greatly reduced discoloration of the surface. Top coats adhere much better.
  • Very high film hardness and abrasion resistance for highly stressed surfaces. Can now be coated with water-based lacquer.
  • Fine pigmentation with d90 less than 40 µm; can therefore also be sprayed in technical applications.
  • Universal adhesion even on difficult and low-energy substrates.
  • Improved settling behavior for easy stirring after long storage.
  • Optimized freeze-thaw resistance after freezing during shipping.
  • Optional fiber additive AF3: For crack bridging for better grounding, we recommend our fiber additive AF3 with long conductive carbon fibers.
  • Details on technical data and processing can be found in the technical data sheet at the top right.
  • TÜV-SÜD certified: The certificate for “Building materials tested for harmful substances” guarantees you as a customer that the product does not contain any ingredients or emissions relevant to health. According to guideline TM-07, this product is solvent-free, plasticizer-free, without fogging-active substances, without heavy metals and very low in emissions.

Shielding attenuation

With a coverage of 4 sqm/l: Single layer 32 dB | double layer 40 dB | triple layer 43 dB

No nanotechnology

Our shielding paints are developed according to strict ecological criteria. For example, we use the lowest-emission carbon black on the market and pure graphite. We deliberately avoid the use of graphene or even newer nanoplatelets, nanomaterials with a completely unclear hazard potential.

Being tested by TÜV-SÜD

This product is currently being tested by TÜV-SÜD. The test report can be found above in the downloads if confirmed.


This product with an electrically conductive surface has to be integrated into the functional-equipotential bonding (FEB). Please find suitable grounding accessories under "Grounding".

Shielding attenuation HF & LF

This product shields high frequency electromagnetic fields (HF). Unless otherwise stated, the indicated dB-values apply to 1 GHz. Measurement from 600 MHz to 40 GHz according to standards ASTM D4935-10 or IEEE Std 299-2006. This product with an electrically conductive surface shields low-frequency alternating electric fields (LF).

Laboratory & expert report of shielding attenuation up to 40 GHz

We have already invested in our own professional EMV laboratory years ago. We not only use it to create our laboratory screening reports but also to check each batch daily. Additionally, we have all our products checked by an independent, well-respected expert. Double checked for twice the safety. Please find the reports above at the downloads.

Ready for 5G

Some companies offer "special" 5G-products. This products shields all 5G-frequencies, even without advertising this! Find two gray bars in all shielding diagrams with the 5G frequency spectrums FR1 (600 MHz – 6GHz) and FR2 (24 GHz – 40 GHz).

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