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YTHERM® Heating coating IR-6F | 1 liter

YTHERM® Heating coating IR-6F | 1 liter
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    Binder dispersion silicate | Pigmentation graphite coarse 100 µm | 1.5 Ohm

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High-end carbon coatings for application as heating paint, heating coating, heating varnish.... more

Binder: 6 = Dispersion silicate
Pigmentation: F = Graphite coarse 100 µm
Temperature: Max. 150°C
Electrical resistance (200 µm wet film, 80 µm dry film): 1.5 Ω□
Substrate: Good adhesion on all absorbent substrates
Levelling: Limited levelling
Ecology: High
Processing: Airless, Rolling, Squeeging

High-end carbon coatings for application as heating paint, heating coating, heating varnish. Our speciality are particularly low-ohmic coatings from 1 Ω□ on. Due to latest technologies all products are water based, don’t contain any solvents and have a VOC content lower than 0.1 g/l. More technical data can be found above in the "Technical data sheet".


  • Easy application: Can be processed like a paint, rolling, knife coating, airless, spraying, screen printing.
  • Temperature range: Our heating coatings are, depending on their type, durable stable from 100 °C to 200 °C.
  • High dynamic: The paint layer will heat to its target temperature within seconds due to the low mass.
  • Invisibility: As the complete heating layer has a thickness of max. 0.08 mm it is invisible with most applications.
  • Voltage range: It’s especially suitable for voltages from 12 V on due to its low electrical resistance.
  • Even heat distribution: The maximum temperature difference lies at only a few °C due to its perfectly smooth surface.
  • Long-term resistance: Long-lasting chemically and physically durable due to its high carbon percentage as conductive component.
  • High ecology: Highly water vapour diffusive on walls, solvent-free with a very low VOC-value under 0.1 g/l .
  • Application examples: Heating coat for walls and ceilings, coating of plasterboards or heating films, de-icing systems, electric mobility, planes, railway equipment, …

Engineering & Consulting

Our know-how refers to the development and production of heating coatings. But often a lot of questions arise when realizing a project. Questions concerning feasibility, electrical configuration, electrically relevant geometries, total consumption of electrical energy, radiant heat, warming-up of the material or also environmentally relevant concerns. For this we have a long-standing, reliable and close business partner with a lot of industrial experience by our side. At COATING-SUISSE GmbH you get the entire handling of your project from one source.

Variant overwiew

5 = Binder pure acrylics
Standard binder, good adhesion on almost all substrates, max. temperature 100 °C, good levelling
6 = Binder dispersion silicate
Potassium silicate and acrylate with under 5 % organic content, good adhesion on all absorbent substrates, max. temperature 150 °C, limited levelling
7 = Binder pure silicate
Potassium silicate with under 1 % organic content, good adhesion on all absorbent substrates, max. temperature 200 °C, limited levelling
P = Carbon fibers 100 µm
Abrasion-resistant hard surface without graphitising, for wall-, ceiling- and floor coatings.
Standard product ex stock,
8 Ω□ *

F = Graphite coarse 100 µm
Coarse surface with medium graphitising, for wall-, ceiling- and floor coatings.
Ex stock,
2 Ω□ *
Ex stock,
1.5 Ω□ *
Ex stock,
1 Ω□ *
E = Graphite fine 50 µm
Fine surface with low graphitising, Universally applicable.
Standard product ex stock,
3 Ω□ *
Standard product ex stock,
2.5 Ω□ *
Standard product ex stock,
2 Ω□ *

G = Graphite super fine 10 µm
Fine surface with low graphitising, for very thin layers.

 Produced to order,
Ω□ *
 Produced to order,
5.5 Ω□ *
 Produced to order,
5 Ω□ *

* Square resistance at 200 µm wet film thickness = 5 qm yield per liter = 80 µm dry film thickness

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