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YSHIELD® floor mat U2M from YMC-50-150 | double bed | HF+LF

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We also recommend shielding the canopies from below to achieve a complete faraday cage. With... more

Screening attenuation: All stated attenuation values apply at 1 Ghz. Measurement to ASTM D4935-10 or IEEE Std 299-2006 or IEEEE Std 1128-1998 or ASTM A698/A698M-07. You find the test report above under "Report screening attenuation".
Grounding: To shield electical fields (LF) this product can be grounded with our Velcro grounding plate GV. You need 2x GV, 1x GC-20, 1x GC-500, 1x GP.
Fabric care: No fabric: No wasching | No ironing.
Application: Canopy, Accessories
Field type: LF (Low frequency alternating electrical fields), HF (High frequency electromagnetic fields)
Ecology: Normal
Color: Black, Silver

We also recommend shielding the canopies from below to achieve a complete faraday cage.

With 50 dB attenuation optimal for canopies made from SILVER-TULLE, SILVER-TRICOT but also for all other fabrics.

Made from our fleece YMC-50-150. Basis is a stable PP-fleece, on one side coated with zinc.

The sheets with 0.5 mm are very flat and are not sewed at the edges. The black fleece-side must always face towards the floor, the silvery metal-side would scratch the floor. Place over it a carpet or a material of your choice. This floor mat is bigger than the one made from Steel-Twin, and therefore offers more reserve space, if the canopy is not hanging straight down. Our price/value recommendation!

Technical data

  • Attenuation: 50 dB
  • Size double bed (U2M): Width 290 cm, length: 290 cm
  • Scope of supply double bed (U2M): 2 sheets YMC-50-150. The two sheets are layed 10 cm overlapping. Grounding: 2 plates GV, 2 cables GC20/GC500, 1 plug GD have to be ordered seperately.
  • With sewed on Velcro-areas for our grounding plate GV.
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