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YSHIELD® Edition | Fauser meter FM10 | LF

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    Innovative LF-meter from 10 Hz up to 400 kHz with frequency filter. Measures E- / M-field simultaneously.

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The field strength measurement device with innovative technique and revolutionary design in... more

YSHIELD Edition (only for end customers): 1) We enclosed German brochures of "Diagnose Funk". 2) We expanded or updated the manuals. 3) To simulate a HF-shielding, we enclose a piece of shielding fabric.
Application: Measurement
Field type: LF (Low frequency alternating electrical fields)

The field strength measurement device with innovative technique and revolutionary design in shirt-pocket format

  • Simultaneous display of the electric and the magnetic field strength
  • Isotropic measurement of alternating fields
  • Potential-free and potential-related measurement of electric fields
  • Frequency range from 10 Hz up to 400 kHz
  • Resolution from 1 nT and 0.1 V/m without switching the measurement range
  • Peak-Hold-Display and limit value alarm

Innovative and multi-functional

The field meter FM 10 is an innovative new development that combines wide function diversity with an easy and intuitive operation on the basis of a powerful microcontroller technique. Product highlights are the isotropic magnetic field strength measurement and the frequency range up to 400 kHz with a resolution of 1 nT and 0.1 V/m without the need of switching the measurement range.

Wide frequency range

In dependence of the measurement probe a frequency range from 10 Hz up to 400 kHz is available. With the integrated filter functions band pass 16.6 Hz, high pass 50 Hz and 2 kHz single frequency ranges can be selectively measured.

High resolution without switching

The FM 10 provides a measurement dynamic of 20000 nT and 2000 V/m with a resolution of 1 nT and 0.1 V/m in merely one measurement range each. Annoying switching between ranges or auto-ranging functions are a thing of the past.

Multi-functional display

On the rich in contrast and illuminated display the electric and magnetic field strength are indicated parallel, using a fast sample rate of 0.25 seconds. Moreover, the X-,Y- and Z-parts of the magnetic field strength are displayable as separated single values.

Display of measurement value plus filter- and logger functions
Single vectors of the magnetic field are displayable
Peak-Hold function
Capacitive coupling

All device controls and the configuration of the data logger can be adjusted in the comfortable selection menu.

Display of recorded data sets
Comfortable selection menu

Function display during PC-connection

Transferring data sets

As an acoustic display the sound generator produces a signal proportional to the field strength.

Diverse functions

The field meter FM 10 delivers some extra functions: An acoustic alarm is activated as soon as the adjustable limit values are exceeded. The Peak-Hold function displays even shortest peak values of the field strength. Auto-power-off prevents the battery from discharging. Optionally, four alternating voltage outputs are available.  

Technical data

  • Measurement range: 0 - 20,000 nT / 0 - 20,000 V/m
  • Resolution: 1 nT / 0.1 V/m
  • Frequency range: 10 Hz - 400 kHz
  • Frequency filter: Bandpass 16.6 Hz / Hochpass 50 Hz / Hochpass 2 kHz
  • Display: LCD illuminated
  • Display functions: X-, Y-, Z-component, peak-hold
  • Power supply: 2 x 1,5 V AA
  • Dimensions: 120 x 79 x 28 mm
  • Delivered multi-purpose peobe FM10: 10 Hz - 400 kHz / Measurement accuracy < 5 % magnetic und < 10 % electric
  • Scope of supply: Meter, probe FM10, batteries, plastic-case, manual in German/English
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