New products: Shieding paint DRY65 and shielding plaster DRY69

In 2003 our first shielding paint was a powder paint, shortly after we only had liquid paints anymore. Now we change this again due to the increasing shipping costs worldwide. As we mainly ship globally it makes sense to remove the water and thus cut the shipping costs almost in half.

The development was very complex: We have a 22,000 watt inline-dissolver in our production handling the dispersing (very fine dissecting) of the carbon-black for 60 minutes. You should be able to do the same in an equal quality with only a 100 watt drilling machine for 5 minutes. After more than half a year of development time we solved the problem.

Shielding paint DRY65: Dispersion silicate paint with potassium silicate as binder and under 5 % synthetic content. It has a high ecology with a high attenuation of 35 dB. But mixing the powder with water takes some time and concentration.

Shielding paste DRY69: Dispersion silicate plaster with potassium silicate as binder and under 5 % synthetic content. Competitive plasters achieve a maximum of 24 dB with 2 layers. Our plaster DRY69 achieves with one layer of 1 mm thickness a sensational attenuation of 60 dB. But mixing the powder with water takes some time and concentration. You should absolutely use a professional twin-mixer with two stirrers (lots of craftsman already have those machines). This product is - compared to competitors -  slightly more expensive as we only use expensive carbon instead of cheap filler materials (sand). Therefor the layer thickness is smaller, the yield and the attenuation are higher -> thus this plaster is with EUR 15.- / m² still cheaper.

Safety set DRY99: The powders contain potassium silicate powder which should never ever get into your eyes. For mixing you absolutely should use this safety set. Content: Safety glasses, dust mask, gloves, protective shell. Customer friendly calculated with a profit margin of 0 % for us, highly recommended to order!

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