New product: Shielding paint PRO54

We are proud to introduce a new product. Our new shielding paint PRO54 is formulated without graphite, which has many advantages: 1) Does not stain off. 2) Impacts against the white covering paint dont result in black stripes. 3) The surface is not smearing but is microporous rough, perfect for all coatings. 4) Very high adhesive tensile strenght (adhesive power) of 4.8 N/mm².

The lack of graphite has only one disadvantage: The electrical resistance and therefore the shielding attenuation is 10 dB lower per layer. We always highly recommend a two-layer application with this paint to reach the typical 35-40 dB attenuation. The slightly higher costs due to the second coat are compensated by the many advantages.

From our development department: We had this formulation in mind for many years. Unfortunately the prices of carbon fibers were too high and the conductivity was too low until now. After an endless research we found a supplier at last, with whom this sensational formulation is working. For you it´s only another black paint, but it was hard work and we are very proud of it :-)

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YSHIELD® shielding paint PRO54 | HF+LF | 5 liter YSHIELD® shielding paint PRO54 | HF+LF | 5 liter
Content 5 l (33.60EUR * / 1 l)
167.98EUR *

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