Change of shipping costs

Our company is growing 30-40 % per year, which is why we ship more and more packages every day. Reason enough to negotiate prices with DHL again. We were successful and pass-through our package costs directly to you.

European Union: Deliveries below an order value of 200 EUR cost 14.88 EUR per shipment. Deliveries above an order value of 200 EUR are free of charge. Retailers pay 14.88 EUR per DHL package.

Worldwide (outside EU): The delivery prices depends on your country and the weight. We got lower base prices per package, plus lower prices per kilogram. Especially the Premium prices decreased extremely. Example: A 2 kg package to the United States cost only 17.18 EUR (~23.60 USD) with Business or 21.14 EUR (~29 USD) with Premium.

You can calculate your shipping costs live in the cart!

* All prices are net prices to which value-added tax at the statutory rate will be added, in addition shipping costs. Copyright © 2018 YSHIELD GmbH & Co. KG