D4426 | Shielded in-wall box 61 mm

Under plaster, as one gang box or swith box, depth 61 mm.

Content: 1 piece
25 g
ID: 289 / 1234

Packaging: 80x80x70 mm
GTIN13: 4260004784429
TARIFF: 85472000

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Shielded with conductive vacuum coating. Connection wire 1.5 mm², solid, isolated. With snap-lock coupling, as one gang box or switch box under plaster. Standard mounting distances.

Common characteristics

Conductable coated brick wall and hollow wall installation sockets to effectably confine electrical alternating fields. Especially suited for hospitals, computer rooms and other sensentive areas desiring to confine electrical alternating fields.

  • Special conductive metal vacuum coating for shielding against electrical alternating fields
  • Guaranteed standard combination 60 mm
  • Connecting wire 1.5 mm2 (copper, massive, rigid, transparent isolated), quick assembly in push-wire connector
  • Installation of the insertions with screws and other standard combinations

Brick wall installation socket insertion boxes, shielded

Snap-lock coupling with standard distance 71 mm, break out opening up to size 16, Polystyrene (PS).

Hollow wall installation socket insertion box, shielded

Can be used for a plate thickness from 7 to 35 mm, various break out openings, pre-mounted insertion socket screws, snap-lock spacer, polypropylene (PP, halogen free).

Junction casing, shielded (Hollow wall and brick wall installation)

Can be used as a brick wall socket insertion box or for hollow wall sockets for a plate thickness from 7 to 35 mm, various break out openings for cable installations, creating a wall opening by milling 4 holes 35 mm (drill template), incl. lid screws and shielded lid with additional earth wire connections, polypropylene (PP, halogen free).