New products: Shielding fabrics ULTIMA™ and NATURELL-ULTRA™

We are the worldwide  largest dealer of Swiss-Shield® fabrics. As insider we knew since one year, that there were two new shielding fabrics to come. We have been really excited and happy when ULTIMA und NATURELL ULTRA were delivered today. Guess why we felt that way? It is because we love Swiss-Shield® fabrics. The light color, the great haptic, the washing resistance, accuracy…. there is no other company which could do a better job.

We are aware that the naming is quite confusing: Naturell, Naturell Ultra (New), Evolution, Evo-Ultra, Ultima (New), that`s why we would like to bring light into the darkness:

ULTIMA (New): Ultima is a luxury version of Naturell. Ultima is woven more tightly and is providing a better shielding attenuation.

NATUELL ULTRA (New): Naturell Ultra is the conductive version of NATURELL which can be grounded.

NATURELL: A rock of our first years and our best selling shielding fabric. Offering organic cotton, great color and higher quality  (and unfortunatelly higher prices) the fabrics Ultima and Naturell Ultra can catch up only.

VOILE: Is exclusiveley produced by Swiss-Shield® for us only. Based on a different weaving technique (the silver threat is placed inside the yarn) the fabric is more durable, more stable and less creasing then the other fabrics are.

EVOLUTION: A rock of our first years. A choice for all who look for a bright, durable and extremely crease resistant fabric.

EVO-ULTRA: Evo-Ultra is a conductive verson of Evolution. Since Naturell Ulta has appeared this fabric is not quite as fascinating as it was, also because of the gray color. Nevertheless concerning the Polyester (instead of cotton wool), probably quite durable  respecting a 10 years use.

WEAR: Very tight woven fabric, perfect for shielding clothes.

NEW-DAYLITE: Nowadays not as exciting as before due to the limited shielding attenuation. Still we sell quite a lot of the fabric because of the favorable price and its extremely high translucence and breathability.

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YSHIELD® shielding fabric ULTIMA™ | HF | Width 250 cm | 1 meter YSHIELD® shielding fabric ULTIMA™ | HF | Width 250 cm | 1 meter
Content 2.5 m² (47.96EUR * / 1 m²)
119.90EUR *

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