New products: Ecological shielding wallpapers

After 2 years of construction and an investment of around EUR 500.000 our new production plant is completed. As of now we are able to metallize any sheet products at our plant. After extensive trials we directly can expand our product range with 2 new products, which will be permanently placed on our product list: Shielding wallpaper "fleece" YCF with 60 dB, 80 dB, 100 dB and shielding wallpaper "ecopaper" YCP with 60 dB, 80 dB, 100 dB.

The special feature of both shielding wallpapers is their high ecological integrity. Many EMV-materials are „chemically“ metallized. To achieve that, the usage of quite some critical chemicals is needed. Our new coating process allows to completely apply the metal on the base material without chemicals , with the use of air and green electricity only. Furthermore we do not apply the metal as large area layer but as spattered coat. That`s why those products are highly vapor diffusive.

We obtain the professional wallpaper bases from the worlds largest manufacturer, they are certified to FSC© / PEFC©. The wallpapers show even wet an excellent dimensional stability. The processing is identical with other wallpapers, just glue it with wallpaper paste.

Our ecological wallpapers YCP are not very tearproof, thats why we suggest them for ecological reasons only. Our recommendation are the fleece wallpapers YCF, which are more tear-resistant and easier to process.

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