New product: Primer concentrate GK5

We are often asked about a suitable primer for our shielding paints. One the one hand for surface preparation so that the absorbency is not too high, on the other hand to overcoat our shielding paints for a better adhesion of difficult cover coatings.

The primer is delivered as concentrate to reduce shipping costs. Mix the concentrate with 4 liters of water, to have 5 liters of primer as a result.

From our development department: Actually binder and additives are such a high-quality and that they would normally be too to expensive for a primer. Nevertheless we achieve outstanding chemical and physical characteristics with them.

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YSHIELD® Primer concentrate GK5 | 1 liter YSHIELD® Primer concentrate GK5 | 1 liter
Content 1 l
19.90EUR *

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