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EMF | Gigahertz-Solutions | 3D meter NFA400

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    Professional device. For electric and magnetic fields. • Low frequency, electric fields (EMF): 5 Hz - 400 kHz (potential free, 1D) • Low frequency, magnetic fields (EMF): 5 Hz - 400 kHz (potential free, 3D)

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3D-LF-Analyser with Data Logger NFA400  for an in-depth analysis. The NFA400 also... more

Application: Measurement
Field type: LF (Low frequency alternating electrical fields)

3D-LF-Analyser with Data Logger NFA400 for an in-depth analysis. The NFA400 also comprises all common technical parameters of the NFA series.

In addition to the three-dimensional magnetic field measurement:

  • ONE-dimensional potential-free measurement of the electric field (Y-axis).
  • Non-isolated electric field measurement possible with integrated sensor or with the optionally available TCO conform probe TCO3.
  • An integrated voice recorder facilitates the measurement analysis.

Technical data

  • Frequency Range: 5 Hz to 400 KHz (compensated)
  • Measurement Range: Magnetic flux densitiy: 1 - 19999 nT
    Electrical field strength: 0.1-1999 V/m
  • Accuracy: 50 / 60 Hz: +/- 5 %
    16 Hz - 30 kHz: +/- 1 dB
    5Hz - 400 kHz: +/- 2 dB
    Isotropical deviation: +/- 1.5 dB
    Offset +/- 5 Digits
  • Sensor: Electrical field strength, potential-free, 1D
    Electrical field strength, non-isolated
    Magnetic flux density, 3D
  • Audio Analysis: Field-strength-proportional acoustic signal (with "Geiger counter" effect), switchable
  • Electric power supply: 7.4-Volt Li-ion high quality battery pack (included)
    Average operating life in the logging mode 36 h
    Low-batt indication
    Auto-Power-Off function (saves capacity and is deactivated during longterm measurements)
    Power supply unit included
  • Signal Rating: trueRMS, Peak, Peak Hold
  • Weight: 3,3 kg
  • Scope of delivery: Meter with silicone holster, 4 GB SDHC SD-card, USB-cable, NFAsoft analysis software, highly flexible grounding cable with 1mm² copper diameter, grounding clamp, internal Li-ion battery pack, power supply unit, manual, plastic case
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