About us

Since 2003 YSHIELD is developing and producing goods for the shielding of electromagnetic fields. Straight from the beginning our products where set as number 1 in building biology. We gain the confidence of industrial clients, construction conpanies, mobile communicaton suppliers and military related clients from all over the world, for a long time now. Please find following our company philosophy as well as facts and picutures, instead of many more excessive words about how passionate we are.


  • Private label: Our strength is the development and production of own products. Regarding the offered trading products we work closely with the manufacturers. Many of those products have been inspired by us or are exclusively made for us.
  • In-house production: The best control over a product will be achieved by carrying out the workflow in-house. We permamently develop our shielding paints in-house and are producing them in our own state-of-the art plant. Canopies, curtains and textiles are manufactured in our in-house sewery. The coating machine for the production of our Yxx-rolled goods was developed and constructed by us. All parts of our grounding accessories are milled, processed and assembled by our staff.
  • Simply the best: Our product range includes selected and longtime approved products only. We wont offer new, unexperienced products for the sake of having them added to our product range. Also there are always good reasons if we dont offer certain devices, fabrics, gauzes, fleeces and shielding textiles in our range.
  • Shielding attenuation: This point has highest priority in our company philosphy. The informations for many products, shown in the Internet are supplied incorrect, vague or misleading or are relating to 15 year old reports. Threfore we have invested in internal measurement technology for being able, to provide reliable attenuation values and reports to our customers. Therewith we are testing each produced or delivered batch as well.
  • Availability from stock: Falling back on a full stock is important to us. Many products have a production period and delivery time from 4-12 months. „Stock status: Green“ shown in our online shop means that we will be able to deliver this products on the same or on the very next day, even in large quantities.
  • Pricing: Our handmade high quality YSHIELD products are produced in Germany and as generally known, quality has it´s price. Only by pursuing this strategy we will be able, to provide a perfect customer service and a continously development of new innovative products in the future.

Corporate facts

  • Owner-managed family business with approx. 20 employees
  • 2100 m² of production and storage area on 7000 m² property size
  • About 80 % export quota with a worldwide distribution network


Our company building since Juli 2018:

Our motivated sales team, ultimately a printer for our 1 million printed pages per year:

Two packaging stations, a part of our sewing rooms:

Meters, socket strips, canopies:

Dispatch warehouse fabrics and paints:

A part of our 1000 sqm pallets storage space:

Measuring technology (Rohde & Schwarz ZNB20) with several antennas:

Coater for our Yxx-series, portal milling machine for our grounding products:

One time around the world and back - or - why our parcels are very well packed:

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