IR-X | Heating coatings

Based on our long-term experience with carbon coatings we have been developing and producing heating coatings for surface heating elements since 2009. They are preferably processed on industrial machines to heating surfaces or heating films. The common properties are:

  • The fine pigmentation of 50 µm is perfectly suited for screen printing, spraying, airless, scraper-, roller-, flow- coating.
  • Newtonian rheology for a perfect levelling, requirement for absolutely consistent heating surfaces.
  • Due to the low electrical resistances of minimally 2 Ohm/Square perfectly suited for all low-voltage applications 6-48 VDC.
  • Based on water only with maximum ecology without solvents, plasticizers, film building agents, etc.
  • Excellent adhesion on all polar plastic substrates.
  • High level of hardness and abrasion resistance at simultaneous flexibility.